This Working Life: 5 Never-Ending Perks Of Having A Work Spouse

As adults, it can be incredibly difficult to make friends. Cultivating real friendships is an overwhelming concept when we spend most of our days at the office. That’s why when we finally meet someone that shares many of our interests, that pushes us to pursue our career goals, we can’t help but acknowledge how important this relationship is. When we develop a real connection with someone of the other sex it’s most commonly a sexual relationship. However, there is another relationship you can have with the opposite sex- a working spousal relationship. Having a work spouse makes work a lot more fun, here are just a few benefits to having a work spouse.

Someone To Confide In

More often than not, something happens at work that causes some unnecessary stress. It is in those instances that you need to vent to someone who actually cares about your well-being. However, there are some co-workers who frankly may not give a damn about your work issues. That’s where your work spouse becomes a wonderful person to go to. Expressing yourself creatively or explaining any new plans to a work spouse is a wonderful way to get a good sense of your ideas before going to a higher up

Your Workday Becomes A Lot Less Stressful

When the shit inevitably hits the fan you want someone on your side. Having someone that will listen to you vent about how stressed you may be is an amazing tool to get you through the day, or possibly week. In fact, having this kind of contact with a co-worker that you work very well with and trust can greatly influence the way you handle a variety of stressors.

Did you know that prolonged periods of stress can be incredibly harmful to your stress? From suffering from an upset stomach to rising blood pressure, increased stress is not good for our overall health. That’s why having someone who can alleviate some of our stress will not only boost our mood but will also make us healthier in the long run. By having someone to confide in at work reduces our ability to bring work stress home with us. Furthermore, we are able to leave work at home easier when we have a work spouse at the office.

A True Confidante

Sometimes our personal lives get a little crazy and cause stress. Sometimes our co-workers simply don’t care about what is going on in our personal lives. That’s where a good work spouse comes in handy. Being able to talk through personal issues with someone while at work allows you to not let your personal stress affect your work productivity. In fact, being able to talk about your personal issues with your work spouse will likely provide you a wonderful opportunity to be more productive at work than if you didn’t have that venting opportunity.

Having a private confidant at the office is critical to your overall well-being. Being able to unwind and vent comfortably is a great way to reduce any anxiety you may encounter. In fact, if you and your work spouse have a reciprocal relationship, you are able to listen to them freak out about any issues they may be going, through. This openness allows for a wonderful deep connection to grow and evolve. The both of you turn into a work team which can only benefit you in the workplace.

You Are Pushed To Be Your Best Self

Staying on track at work can be difficult when you feel all alone. Having a buddy to push you to meet deadlines can allow you to shine brightly in your position. Your work spouse is always there to push you to be productive on the job. However, this is a two-way street. And the best work spouse relationship involves you pushing your work spouse to be their best selves as well.

By pushing a friend to meet a deadline and avoid procrastination allows you to just be a good person. You are doing something kind for someone else for no personal benefit at all. As we struggle to define what it means to adult, being a good person is the best way to prove that you are adulting.

Emotional Support And Empathy

If clients rejected something you wrote or you had some issue with a customer, it can really put a damper on your whole day. However, having a work spouse at the ready can turn your whole day around. Your work spouse is there to lend their ear and offer emotional support for you. Just make sure you are aware of the pressures placed on your work spouse as well. You don’t want the relationship to be a constant barrage of complaints about your workplace. Talking about all the various interests you both share is how you keep the work spouse relationship strong.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Do any of you have working spouses? If so, please share some personal benefits you also experience from this special relationship. As always, I love hearing your feedback and comments! Lett’s continue this conversation below!



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