This Therapeutic Life: 4 Incredible Reasons Journaling Is Therapeutic


Journaling can allow you to see life from a completely new perspective.

Many consider writing a form of therapy and for good reason. Diaries and journals are written for a wide array of reasons. For the most part, journals are a way to chronicles the life memories of the author. In fact, journals offer a personal, in-depth look into the life of someone, including our own. As a result, journaling fosters immense growth for those willing to learn from what they write. Consider who you were and what you were interested in just five years ago. Have you grown since then? Imagine how much more growth you could do if you were able to dissect your thought patterns and correct course. That is why writing is such a wonderful form of therapy.

Eliminate All The Clutter

Our minds can often play tricks on us and make us think about unimportant aspects of life. In fact, falling down the rabbit hole of second-guessing, people-pleasing, and other negative thought patterns can hamper our growth as human beings. Writing down your thoughts onto paper can easily help to clear out all those negative thoughts and ideas that create mental blocks in our heads. For instance, even jotting down your grocery list weekly is a great way to end the excess thoughts that take up space in our minds.

However, many people worry that sometimes they might be lacking in what to write when they begin journaling. Consider a stream-of-consciousness journal. In doing so, we just pick up that pen or pencil and start writing whatever comes up. Even if all you can think about is the fact that you have nothing to say, write that down. Just the physical act of writing can ease some of our mental anguish in an instant.

Celebrate Gratitude Daily

It can be extremely easy to get caught up in the complaining and whining when life doesn’t seem to be going in the direction we want it to go. In fact, becoming negative and cynical is a direct result of a lack of gratitude. However, keeping a gratitude journal can quickly change the way you perceive life. Instead of seeing situations as happening to you, you see life as happening for you. A gratitude journal provides you an opportunity to look at the world with a positive perspective. Start by picking a time every single day to be grateful and jot down even just one thing that happened to you that you are happy about. Even simply being grateful for having enough money to buy coffee is something worthy of jotting down. As you begin to cultivate this gratitude practice you start to think about life in a positive way and avoid those negative all-consuming thoughts.

A Creative Outlet

While not all of us are creative individuals we all need an outlet that embraces our unique creative expression. Although we may not all be good at writing, we are all capable of doing so. As a result, providing ourselves an outlet to write down all of our thoughts and feelings can be a huge benefit for our well-being. In fact, journaling can serve as a healing process to allows us to understand our deepest desires better. From journaling, we can assess any problems in our lives, solutions to those problems, and other personal issues that may arise. Journaling allows us to get comfortable with our feelings and emotions without feeling ashamed.

A Source Of Great Inspiration

While you may think that your life is uneventful and rather boring, others may think otherwise. In fact, keeping a journal can serve as a wonderful tool for inspiration for your loved ones. Think about finding a long lost journal of a relative that has passed? Would you be interested in finding out about what they were thinking when they were young? What struggles were they really going through that they may have been too afraid or ashamed to share with others? Finding a journal is like finding the holy grail. It’s like a time capsule except there are words that can be read. Having this time capsule can provide loved ones an opportunity to really get to know who you are or were. Therefore, keeping a journal can do wonders for maintaining a positive outlook on life.

Now, I’d love to hear from all of you. Do you keep a journal? If so, please share any benefits that you witness from a daily journaling practice. Let’s continue the conversation below!


A 20-something girl on a journey to find herself with hopes of helping others feel their feelings.