This single life: Weddings

So it’s that time of year again. Summer is winding down and it seems like every time we check the mail another wedding invite finds itself into our pile of bills. We check social media and the news feed is filled with wedding pictures, baby pictures and other couplely things. Now, I’m all for love. I love love! But currently I’m single, and find myself constantly going stag to weddings. I’m totally fine with it, I actually don’t see the big deal, that is until other people bring it up. Trying to hook me up with other single people at the event- no thanks, Aunt Becky. I’m there to celebrate the beautiful couple- not be the drunk single girl making a fool of herself, living off the open bar. So for all my classy ladies (and gents) here’s my classy guide to making it through a wedding when your single.

1. Wear something comfortable

I know this may sound like a big DUH! But often we want to experiment with clothing trends when we go to an event. Like maybe I should totally wear these new heels that I just bought- bad idea. Wearing something, especially shoes you’ve never worn before is a massive risk. You have no idea how they handle the excessive amounts of dancing you will obviously be doing. The last thing you want is to have to sit out from all the fun because you wanted to wear those new strappy heels.  If you feel most comfortable in flats, go for it. No one is going to judge you on what your wearing, unless of course it’s black tie. Then obviously you have to follow the dress code. Otherwise, let loose, and be comfy!

2. Be open

A wedding is a celebration of the love between the bride and the groom. So go in there with a positive, fun mindset. Even if you really don’t know many people, there has to be someone who you’ve met at least once, your there because you know either the bride or the groom. Strike up a conversation and then be open to meeting a bunch of random people. Weddings are a great way to meet a variety of people with whom you have mutual friends. It’s like Facebook but in real life. So go out there and mingle.

3. Don’t get drunk

You are probably thinking “but what if there’s an open bar?”, “the only way I can let loose is with some alcohol.” Ladies (and gents), we all have unique personalities. I’m quiet and tend to hate small talk, you’d think therefore that I hate weddings. On the contrary, I absolutely LOVE weddings. I don’t need to drink to make conversation. When your single you get placed at a table with either people you know, singles you may not know, or in certain scenarios family members. Whatever the seating arrangements may be there is always someone to talk to. You don’t want to get up and be the drunk person attempting to give a toast to the happy couple and slurring all your words. You also don’t want to be the drunk girl, making out with anyone and everyone. There are people there who aren’t single, and when drunk, you lose sight of whose taken and whose not. Don’t go making out with the groom. Not only will the bride be pissed, but often people have videographers to document the special occasion, your sloppiness will be documented forever! So take that glass of champagne or wine, even a vodka- soda, whatever floats your boat, SIP it and focus on having a good time by being yourself and not relying on alcohol to let loose. Just don’t get drunk, know your limit and stick to it!

So those are my three tips I like to use when going to a wedding as a single gal. If you find yourself going to a wedding as a single person feel free to try these tips out and let us know how it goes by commenting below. If you have any other tips that you use please drop a comment below. Share this with all your single friends too.

Get out there, have fun and dance A LOT! Who else wants to do the electric slide? Just me?




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