This roommate life: the struggles of living with a roommate

As someone whose lived with roommates and then had the luxury of living alone. I definitely prefer living alone. Don’t get me wrong, having someone to marathon trashy TV shows with are the best. But there are also struggles of living with other humans that don’t seem to be able to read your mind.

1. Buying toilet paper and other necessities.

Obviously everyone uses toilet paper and paper towels. But what happens when it all runs out? Who is the first to cave and buy replacements? Usually, in my experience this is best figured out by creating roommate agreements from the beginning. Like, I get toilet paper and you are responsible for paper towels. However, you guys decide to divvy up the responsibilities is really up to you. But making these decisions in the beginning will ensure that you won’t run out of some essentials when you really need them and alleviates any future arguments about whose to buy what.

2. Cleaning and other chores.

This is pretty similar to number 1. You ideally want to agree upon who is responsible for what chores in the beginning of living with someone. For instance, back in college I lived with 3 other girls. We each had our own bedroom and bathroom and a common area. We were each responsible for cleaning our own rooms and would clean the main living area when we felt it was dirty. The problem with that is that the main area got dirty real quick. We threw parties and typically, the ones who were throwing the party and attending the party were responsible for cleaning up. However, that didn’t always happen. Some people slacked off (me included). So please, learn from my experience, and discuss chores with your roommates from the beginning. It will alleviate a lot of tension, arguments, and overall stress. Plus, your place will always be clean and ready to show off to your parents (when they come to visit).

3. When the sink is full of other people’s dirty dishes.

So clearly this list is becoming a cleanliness list. But I clearly remember having a particular roommate who would rarely put away her dishes. I was living with another girl as well. So there were 3 of us. One of the girls was a good friend of mine. We had developed a routine of putting away our own dishes immediately after using them, so as not to create any unnecessary piles in the sink. However, when we added another roommate to the mix, we simply assumed she would follow suit. Boy were we wrong. She would constantly leave dirty dishes in the sink. At first, I was okay with putting them away for her. And then when it became apparent that this was a regular occurrence, I refused to clean up after her because the principle of it all.

4. When you hear your roommates having sex.

Again. I lived with roommates during college. There was a lot of sex happening. Fortunately, there was only one wall that was connected to a roommates room (it could have been 2). Throughout college, she had a boyfriend. He would visit. Often. Very often. And well, they had sex a lot. Her bathroom was actually directly opposite my closet wall. So yea, I heard a lot of loud, vigorous sex noises. Granted, I know she heard me on occasion as well. Just another reason why I prefer to live alone. You can make all the loud sex noises your little heart desires.

Overall, I loved living with roommates. Through the struggles and the hard times they became my close friends. I developed some special bonds with each one. Some became closer than others. And some friendships had to end. Whatever the fate of each friendship, I knew I could lean on my girls when I was having a rough day or had boy trouble. There is a roommate bond that develops that definitely makes up for the struggle of living with another human being. However, as an introvert who loves alone time, I definitely prefer living alone. But that’s not to say I am against living with others.

Now, I’d love to hear from all of you. Have any of you had the experience of living with others as well as living alone? What are your preferences? I love hearing all your comments and feedback. Let’s continue this conversation below. And please, if you think anyone could benefit from reading this please share it with them. Subscribe to the blog if you haven’t so you can be instantly notified of weekly updates.

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