This real life: 5 reasons to continue to go after your dreams as they begin to become reality

It’s been said many times over that the biggest obstacle to making our dreams come true is fear. But what happens when you go after your dreams and they actually start coming to fruition? We still get scared. Fear has a sneaky way of creeping into our psyche even after we managed to wrangle it. Therefore, it’s critical to continue to defeat fear whenever it makes its way into our minds. Here are just a few reasons we have to continuously push fear away and continue on our journey towards a life beyond our wildest dreams.

1. You have to do you, always.

We all have dreams. We all have fears about those dreams. The people that can conquer their fears and still pursue their dreams and desires are happier with their lives. By allowing yourself to do you, you create a life you love. In fact, the happiest people are those that never allow fear to affect their pursuits. This isn’t to say that fear doesn’t exist for them. They just manage to overcome whatever fears they may have and remain steadfast on their journey towards a dream life.

2. The universe will bring you unimaginable experiences.

If you believe in a higher power, be it god or a divine being, the universal truth is that the universe always has your back. It happens everyday. We are constantly protected and supported by the universe. In fact, the metaphysical text “A Course In Miracles” explores how the universe has a plan for all of us. As long as we follow our heart and trust our gut instincts, the universe will provide miracles. Having trust that the universe will bring us experiences beyond our wildest dreams is a critical component to eliminating those fear-based thoughts that spring up as life starts going our way.  Therefore, even if we have a dream, the universe may have something better waiting for us. All that is standing in our way is fear. Overcoming our fears is the only way to live our best life.

3. You gain courage.

Once you overcome your fears, you realize the immense courage you have. When your dreams become essential to you and you finally realize that your dreams are actually attainable, you will stop at nothing to make them become a reality. As such, your courage muscle grows. In fact, becoming stronger in your beliefs surrounding your dreams is one of the best ways to curb your fear monster.

4. Your joy and happiness becomes contagious.

As you go after your dreams, you begin to see life as a beautiful journey. You begin to have a sense of ease even when you aren’t yet living your dream. As you stay the course, you find that happiness infiltrates your body and you smile more often. This joy reverberates through your soul and extends to those around you. In fact, your inner light shines brighter attracting others towards your joy.

5. You become your own best friend.

Persuing your dream is a courageous act. As such, our heart begins to grow when we start to honor its wishes. By going after our dreams we honor our hearts desire and bring joy and happiness into our lives. In fact, when we overcome fear we are choosing our souls desire over our destructive mind. Therefore, making decisions from a heart-centered place is one of the best ways to tackle our fears as they creep up when we begin to pursue our passionate dreams.

Having a dream is something we all have. However, many people let fear stop them from living a life beyond their wildest dreams. The universe will always conspire to push us towards the life we were always meant to live. Once we can get silent and listen to our heart we can begin to follow our dreams. As they slowly become real, fear will strike. That’s when we have to focus even harder on pushing through those nasty fears and trust in the universes divine plan for uur lives.

Now, I’d love to hear from all of you. Have you started to pursue your dreams only to find even more fears creeping up as your dreams slowly become a reality? Please share any and all comments below. As always, I love hearing all your feedback and comments.


A 20-something girl on a journey to find herself with hopes of helping others feel their feelings.