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Hey friends,

Ever find yourself rushing around, thinking there’s not enough time in the day? Racing through traffic daily? Constantly in a go, go, go, mode? Always feeling the need to do? Well, most of us in the Western world feel this way. This past week I found myself insanely impatient. I was becoming frustrated while sitting in traffic and then it hit me- I don’t have to feel this way. See, we can choose a different way of thinking when we find ourselves in frustrating circumstances- whether that’s someone in the express lane at the grocery store with clearly more than 20 items or just simple traffic that makes your commute a little longer. Whatever the situation I’d like to offer some tips to help you become more patient and evoke good vibes.

  1. Stop what your doing immediately!

I am not saying that if you are stuck in traffic you just turn the car off and sit in the middle of a highway. What I am suggesting is that you remove the focus from the situation that is stressing you out. For instance, I find that my impatience lingers throughout the day until I finally deal with it. So I find myself rushing to make dinner after sitting in traffic. This is extremely dangerous. The last thing I  want to be doing is rushing around with a knife! Eek! So what I did was just stop cutting anything. I removed myself from the situation so I could process my emotions. So if your stuck in traffic- when you finally stop driving, just pause. And feel those feelings. Where are they coming from?

  1. Close your eyes and just breahe.

Deep cleansing breaths are the best! They allow you a break from frustrations. In that moment I find it easy to notice how silly my impatience really is. There is no deadline, except the one I’ve created in my head. That’s the key- seeing your impatience for what it really is- pressure you have placed upon yourself to beat the clock. For me, releasing any and all attachment to deadlines I’ve created in my mind is really challenging which in and of itself causes me impatience thereby causing frustration and totally putting me in a negative energy state. I suggest breathing with your eyes closed. It instantly puts me in a better mood. And takes a second to do.

  1. Journal.

I love journaling. It’s my personal space where I can go and vent. No judgments. Just my thoughts on paper. To release any negative feelings and truly feel all my feelings I suggest writing down your thoughts. Whatever they may be. However small or big. I find that when I write down whatever is bothering me, I am able to re read it all and it lessens the feelings. It instantly becomes more tolerable. So the crazy driver from earlier that day that made me late- poof, no longer bothers me as much. Because really, I wasn’t in trouble for being late, nothing tragic happened to me, and just like that I can let go of all that negative energy I was holding onto.

We all find ourselves in impatient scenarios. Most of which are created by our reactions to situations. It is up to us to choose to see things from a different perspective in order to stay in a high or positive vibe. So this week, I hope you all can join me and take on impatience head on. If you find yourself becoming impatient try out my tips and see the change instantly. Let’s try to take these tips to create a happier life for all of us.

Please let me know if these tips work for you. If you have any other tips or suggestions in dealing with impatience, please share them in the comments below. If you know anyone who could benefit from these suggestions please share this post with them. Let’s spread the word about fighting impatience and becoming happier people. It all starts with each individual raising their vibrations to create a change in the world!

Lets do this!




A 20-somethibg girl on a journey to find herself with hopes of helping others feel their feelings.


  1. Hey, love the blog so far. I’m gonna try some of those tips because I find myself constantly being “go, go, go” as well. I need to just sit back and not overthink everything.

    Best of luck to you with this and keep writing.

  2. This is all so true!
    We all experience this almost every day,we are hurrying even when we don’t have too!
    Good solutions!!!
    I can also add that for me walking is helpful!