This Introverted Life: Navigating life at a 9 to 5

Do you find yourself loving alone time? Maybe you enjoy doing solo activities like walking your dog, riding a bike, or sitting outside at a park with just you, your notebook, and all your thoughts? Well, if so then you my friend may be an introvert. Like myself, introverts tend to love doing things all on their own, even at the workplace. This means, we as introverts may decorate our space so as to make it feel like home- a safe place for us to come to and work. This also means that we prefer to have our own offices as opposed to either sharing space or having a cubicle. I am fortunate enough to get my own office at my current job, however I recently started my current position and the office is in the process of moving to a new location. So, currently I don’t have my own office. As an introvert, this definitely caused me some stress and anxiety in the beginning. But here are a few ways to deal with not having your own space at work as an introvert- or simply anyone who loves to work in their own office space.

1. Bring what soothes you with you.

Basically, anything that brings you comfort- carry it around with you all day. Like protection from the outside world. Some people may opt for a favorite sweater or cardigan, maybe you have a picture of someplace that simply brings you peace and serenity. Carry it around with you like it’s glued to you. For me, I have to stay hydrated throughout the day and traveling from office to office just to get my work done distracts me from remembering to drink water. So that’s why I make sure to always bring two water bottles with me wherever I am working to remind me to drink up.

2. Make small talk.

I know what all you fellow introverts are thinking- this crazy girl wants me to initiate chit-chat with people? WHAT?!?! She can’t be suggesting I actually start small talk? YES my friends that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. You see, when introverts feel comfortable they are more productive, in order to feel comfortable you want to be able to freely communicate with the people whose offices you are working in or in some cases you may be sharing an office with one or more persons, in which case communication is the only way an introvert will be productive. I’d suggest just going up to people and asking. them about their weekend, or maybe a work related question if your new to the place. I have found that many of my co- workers offer unsolicited advice, or simply want to know more about me. Just making the effort will allow for a better vibe in your surroundings making you feel more at ease and therefore better able to focus on the task at hand.

3. Make alone time for yourself.

This is probably my favorite tip and one that everyone can benefit from. Take a break and allow your mind to relax from the hard work you’ve been doing. I prefer to go to the bathroom and just take my sweet sweet time, I might sit there a little longer, take my time washing my hands. This allows my brain to not think about work and gives my body the space to feel relaxed and at ease, which, as an introvert is something to be cherished. Another way I carve out some alone time is to take a lunch break or Starbucks break alone. The key is alone. I’ll hop in my car and drive to the nearest Starbucks just to have that time in my car with some music and nothing else, allowing my body to unwind from the stress it feels from being in an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Whatever you choose to do make sure it’s something that makes you feel comfortable. That’s the most important. That report will get done, it will probably get done better if you as an introvert give yourself permission to be comfortable even when working in an uncomfortable situation. So go out there, work hard, and make your introverted self happy. Because in the end a happy worker is a productive worker, and a productive worker is almost always likely to get noticed by the boss. And who doesn’t like to feel accomplished and appreciated by their superiors? I know I do!

I hope these tips help you navigate the stressful and sometimes anxiety inducing workplace scenarios. If you are an introvert and find yourself in a similar situation please try out some of these tips and let us know how they work. Or if you are an extrovert, or fall somewhere in the middle but are someone who could benefit from these tips or know someone who could benefit from these share them with your friends, try them out yourself. Let’s see how comfortable and productive we can all be.

If you have any other tips to share please feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear how you make your space feel like your own even when it’s not.

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