This grown-up life: 4 signs you are becoming an adult

I’ve written about faking adulting (here) and how it seems millennials seem to really be little kids in adult bodies. But lately I’ve noticd little tiny victories that have happened in my own life that show me I have taken one more step toward adulthood. With that being said, here are a few ways you too may be moving closer and closer to being a real adult.

1. Successfully changing ink cartridges.

The other day, while at work, I printed off some mildly important papers and noticed the ink was fading. I knew I needed some new ink stat. So I went to the copy room where ink cartridges are stored. Found the one I needed and set upon to embark on this journey. You see, I used to change ink on my old computer as a teen and even in college. I was accustomed to those printers. You should have seen this cartridge, it looked like nothing I had ever seen before. This big ass contraption that I was responsible for putting back together correctly. Hoping everything would work out alright, I placed the cartridge in the printer, and I didn’t hear a click. Immediately I thought, there we go again, I’m screwing up a basic task that requires zero intellect. I’m going to have to go to my supervisor and ask for help and obviously look like an idiot. I closed the printer, it closed without any problems. And I went ahead and tried to print something. As soon as the printer took the paper and didn’t make any unusual noises, instantly I got this excited feeling in my body. I DID IT! I fixed the printer all on my own. The feeling of accomplishment was very gratifying.

2. You’ve argued with your cell phone or cable company over your bill

I actually did this while in college once. Arguing with my cell phone carrier over those ridiculous charges that seem to somehow creep up when you use more data than allotted on your plan. Again, my parents were helping me out with actually paying for the bill, but the point here is that I made a conscious effort to be financially responsible, or at least help my parents out financially however I could at the time. And at that time all I could do was try and lower the charge. So I called, was stuck on hold for a long time. Got transferred from one person to another for about an hour. Even though I was extremely hesitant to call because my shyness was definitely prevalent at that time, I faced my fear. And to my surprise, I was able to reduce the charge significantly. I think I shaved off like $300. Again, that feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming. But even more than feeling accomplished, I got a boost of feeling closer to adulthood. Like I crossed off another box on the list of “Requirements to be a Real Adult”.

3. Not eating dessert for every meal

As a kid, I literally thought that being an adult meant that I didn’t have to eat “regular” food. I could eat whatever the hell I wanted when I wanted. This excited me very much, especially as a 10 year old who was told that “you can have desert only after you finish dinner”. I always thought, why do I have to finish it? And then college happened, and well, I may have eaten dessert as a legit meal, and maybe I did it for more than 1 meal per day. Regardless, at some point I realized that I needed to eat a variety of foods. I actually remember craving fruits and veggies. That’s not to say that my sweet tooth disappeared, but I just make smarter, more “adult” food choices. Hey, I still struggle with this on the regular, but I definitely don’t eat dessert for every meal like I thought I would as a 10-year old. So in that respect I am that much closer to being a real adult.

4. Dressing professionally for work 

Embarrassingly enough I only recently became a fan of getting dressed for work. The dress code at my office is business casual. Typically I wear a skirt and a nice top with booties or a dress and some flats. But the most astonishing thing that I have recently purchased are blazers. Legit blazers. Not a cardigan attempting to be a blazer. I’ve stocked up on turtlenecks. I think at this point I may have more work appropriate skirts that jeans (I used to live in jeans). Now when I head out the door, I get that boost I’ve been talking about. That little umph, that not only gives me confidence but also allows me to feel like I’ve crossed off another check box on that “Requirements to be a Real Adult” list. I now have fun getting ready for work every morning and have developed my very own work style. Now, I still live in jeans on the weekends. But the majority of my days are filled with me living in my work clothes, which now I truly do love.

These are just a few of the ways I’ve noticed myself becoming more and more of an adult. That’s not to say I’m done faking adulthood and have become a Certified Real Adult. I am still trying to figure out if and when that actually happens. But in the meantime, I continue to check off boxes that allow me to feel like I am getting closer and closer to true adulthood.

Now, I’d love to hear from all of you. Do any of these signs resonate with you? Are there any signs that you have noticed in your own life that make you feel like you are inching closer and closer to adulthood? Please, share in the comments below. Let’s continue this conversation below. I love reading all your feedback and comments. It means so much to me that all of you continue to come back every week and read all my posts.

See you all next week!


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