This grateful life

This week I thought I’d do something a little different than my typical post. In less than a month we will be celebrating the one year birthday of thisblanklife. This week I wanted to take some time out to not only thank all you readers for coming back week after week to read my posts but also for sharing my posts with your friends and family. I thank you all for leaving me such encouraging comments and feedback. It’s been a true blessing to be able to share and connect with all of you. So, in honor of the upcoming birthday, below are just a few of some of your favorite posts that I’ve written over this past year. Re-read them, see if you can come away with something you hadn’t noticed before. And again, please leave any and all comments and feedback! I love reading and responding to all of you dear readers!!

  1. This dating life: pros and cons of ghosting
  2. This nostalgic life: what I learned as a competitive figure skater
  3. This nostalgic life: more ’90’s tv shows
  4. This cultural life: what I learned from growing up in a culturally different household
  5. This patient life
  6. This body image life: the effects of a negative body image
  7. This family life: an ode to my grandma
  8. This adventurous life: what I learned from my solo trip to NYC
  9. This failed life: how failing out of law school made me a better person
  10. This fatherly life: 3 reasons to appreciate your dad this Father’s Day

See you all next week!


A 20-something girl on a journey to find herself with hopes of helping others feel their feelings.