This grateful life: 7 things we should always be grateful for

This time of year is infamous for everyone saying thanks and writing out all the various things they are grateful for. To continue this tradition, why not discuss all the things we should always be grateful for, not just during the holidays, but all year round.

1. We are alive.

If you are reading this and breathing, you are alive. It’s a gift we so often take for granted. From disease, poverty, famines and droughts, many people throughout the world aren’t as fortunate as us. We are lucky to live the lives that we do. We get to thrive in a society that allows us to pursue our dreams.  There may often be struggles and hard times that can come our way, but in the end our first-world problems are miniscule compared to others who are less fortunate.

2. Our families.

Our parents were our first cheerleaders. They are honest with us even when we have to face the truth of an uncomfortable situation. They are only people who could give you unconditional love. Although not all parents are that great, they did choose to give you life. We should always be grateful for our parents because it’s through their support that we get to live our lives. Their encouragement pushes us to go after our dreams. Parents are pillars of strength. They protect us from various situations but also allow us to experience life in our own way so that we can learn and grow. We have to always remember to be grateful for our parents and the sacrifice they made to bring us into this world.

3. Our courage and strength.

We, as humans, seem to always forget how incredibly strong and courageous we are. In the face of terrible situations we all seem to manage to come out the other side. We’ve all lived various lives, we have all gone through similar obstacles. From heartbreak to the death of a close friend or family member, we all have lived through tragedies that inevitably made us the people we are today.

Despite the failures, disappointment and pain, we are still fighting the hard fight. Whenever you get down on yourself, remember to be grateful for the courage you’ve given yourself to get to this point in your life. Be your own motivation to continue going forward. Whether it’s your goals, belief in a higher power, whatever it is that keeps you going, be grateful for it.

4. Your heart.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced fear, heartbreak, love, and joy. Our hearts are the key to unlocking our souls capacity to experience all the feelings that we can possibly feel. Some good and some unpleasant. But allowing ourselves to feel allows us to grow. And without growth and learning we’d be stuck in our lives. Our heart allows us to grow and expand our capacity to love ourselves and others.

5. Your mistakes.

There is absolutely no one on this planet that is perfect. We are all guilty of making mistakes. Every mistakes helps us grow, learn, and understand more and more about ourselves. We gain a tremendous amount of wisdom by making mistakes. We must remember to be grateful for those times when we make a mistakes and instead of beating ourselves up over it, we should try and be grateful for the lesson we can learn from our mistake.

6. Your disappointments.

Every single disappointment that we may encounter, whether academic, emotional, physical, artistic or mental, we get a little stronger. Our disappointment may have saddened us, taught us a new valuable lesson, and allowed us to grow a little more into the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. After we overcome our disappointments we can transition into feeling happiness. We must be grateful for the strength that our disappointments bring us.

7. Your pain.

Pain is a temporary feeling. When you fully feel it, it hurts like hell. But when it’s gone, the memory of the pain isn’t as severe. You can remember being in pain but the severity has lessened. That’s how life goes. We are supposed to feel pain, so that we can also experience joy. We should always be grateful that we were able to experience pain, that it’s now over and we can move on to choosing happiness. We should always remember that feelings are all temporary, even pain. It will eventually fade away completely. We should always be grateful for the pain that allowed us to feel even greater joy afterward.

We live in a society that encourages and even pressures us to change. In an attempt to make ourselves better and to change our society, many times we forget to be grateful for the things that we do have. We focus so much on this lack mentality that we lose sight of the abundance that already exists. Gratitude is a mood booster, let’s all improve our moods by celebrating gratitude.

Now I’d love to hear from all of you. What are you all grateful for? Please share your comments and feedback below. I love reading all the comments you all share. Let’s continue this conversation below.




A 20-something girl on a journey to find herself with hopes of helping others feel their feelings.