This friendly life: the different types of friends in every friend group

As people, we are all different. This impacts our relationships, especially our friendships. As T.Swift shows us in her video for “Bad Blood”, we all need our friends to help us when we are down and celebrate with us when things are going great. Growing up, I connected with the Spice Girls for the very simple fact that each individual Spice Girl was unique and contributed to the group as a whole. As a result, I’ve come to realize that this aspect of friendship isn’t just for pop superstars, it happens for all of us. Each friend in our friend group serves a very important role.

1. The mom or dad.

Every friend group has a mom or dad. This person is typically the most responsible person in the group. When out, these friends are the ones rallying the entire group at 2:00AM. They are the sober person in the group. They are also the ones with the best advice. They are authoritative when in a big group, but when you actually spend some intimate time with them they love you up just like your mom or dad. They are expert leaders who know exactly how to de-escalate any argument that may come up in the group.

The truth is, these friends will always help you when your drunk. They don’t judge you for your choices. They will usually host all the parties because they tend to be control freaks. These are the ones who always have a xanax for you when you start freaking out over a first date. They will also carry snacks for the group (they come prepared). These friends really care about the people in their lives. Being a reliable friend is so important in any friendship, when a friend is in need the reliable one will always show up with ice cream in hand to handle a friends breakup.


2. The party animal. 

This friend is always ready for a party. Typically, without a filter, they do what they want, when they want. Although extremely entertaining to be around, they can also drain some of the more introverted friends. They are all for hanging out and getting extremely pumped about any and every event. This friend is typically the one who stands out in every friend group, by being loud and funny. In he end, they are a good friend to have when you are in the mood for an epic night out on the town.

3. The perpetually single friend.

Forever the third, fifth, or even seventh wheel, the struggle is very real for the perpetually single friend. These friends typically prefer to spend their time alone binge-watching the latest episode of “How To Get Away Wtih Murder”. These are the ones who are more introverted than others in the group. As I get older, it seems like more often than not, events are tailored to couples, from wedding to holiday parties, everyone always seem to come as a couple. So the perpetually single friend will typicallly opt out of an event so they can avoid the stereotypical questions that come with being single, like “why is someone like you still single?”  or the worse “Let me set you up with…”.

The perpetually single friend is not upset that they are constantly single. There could be a variety of reasons for their solo relationship status. Maybe they are ina transition period, moving to a new city, changing careers, trying to get to know themsleves better. Whatever the reason, the perpetually single friend doesn’t want a pity party. They just want to be apprecIted for their part in the friend group and not be left out at events that often. Soon enough they will join all the couples and will move onto another role in the friend group.

4. The smart friend. 

The future executive of a Fortune 500 company. This is the friend that spent their entire college career in the library. They are the ones who push us to stop procrastinating. They’ve never uttered the phrase “I can’t even”, because that’s just not in their vocabulary. They can do anything and are confident in that. They persevere and are persistent. They may make you feel like you are failing at life,  but that is not their intention. They want you to share in their successes. For them, when they succeed they feel like their friends succeed as well.

5. The nice friend.

This is the person that gets called sweet on  the regular, especially from strangers. They sit quietly, observing, listening to everyone’s problems. They dole out advice like it’s their job. They never talk down to you and avoid drama at all costs. This friend will always keep the peace among the entire group and is, in my opinion, the most important friend to have. Without them, the whole group wouldn’t survive the long haul.

Essentially, we all have a specific role in all of our friendships. Some of us are there to keep the party going, others are there to listen when our friends are going through something difficult. But in the end, it’s impossible to label each other. We just have to take a moment to appreciate all of the love around us, all the ways our friends make us who we are. How we simply wouldn’t be the same without them. And how we are valuable as friends in our own right.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Could you identify with one or more of the types of friends described? If so, please share which one you most identify with. As always, I love hearing all your feedback and comments.



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