This fresh life


Hello friends,

I hope this finds you well. I’d first like to introduce this blog to the world by explaining the title. This blank life was created out of my desire to make people feel. Life is full of ups and downs. With that come myriad of emotions and thoughts. As humans we often run away from our feelings, whether we don’t want to face sadness or anger or frustration. Or we get scared to feel happiness and joy for fear they may disappear. Whatever stories you may have created about running away from your feelings my hope and intention with this blank life is to make people feel all sorts of emotions. My intent is to have you read a weekly post and feel something. Some days you may laugh until you cry while others will make you angry. Regardless of the actual emotion, what’s important is that you are expressing and acknowledging your emotions. In a society that thrives on distracting ourselves from feeling anything by drinking, doing drugs, eating, working, shopping, whatever vice of choice you may have, my desire is to allow you a space to escape those vices and truly feel. Maybe a post will spark a conversation that you were too afraid to have. Whatever it may be I hope everyone who reads my blog comes away with a feeling. I chose to name this blog this blank life because- well, life can’t be categorized. That’s the beauty of it. When I was coming up with names I thought about a variety of words to put in place of “blank”. I thought about “miraculous”, “messy”, “fun”, and a bunch of others. But I couldn’t settle on just one because when it comes down to it life is all those things and more. It’s what you make of it. Everyone’s journey is unique. And so I decided people can choose how to fill in their own blank knowing that everyday brings a new word into that blank space. Making life’s journey that much more exciting and intriguing.

I plan to talk about a variety of topics. From politics, body image, fashion, home decor, food, fitness, spirituality, animal videos, nostalgia, television, movies, music and other topics geared toward the struggle and reality of being a 20-something in today’s world.

Hope to see you next week friends!!

All my love,





A 20-somethibg girl on a journey to find herself with hopes of helping others feel their feelings.