This family life: everything I need to know I learned from my mom

We don’t get to choose our parents. Sometimes, we are blessed to have amazing parents, like mine, who would do anything for their kids. I’ve written about my close relationship with my mom here.

Today, I’d like to honor the special woman who turns 58 this week- my mom.

My mom is my role model. As an immigrant who made her way to the States from communist Russia (U.S.S.R back then) at the ripe old age of 17, to becoming a senior real estate paralegal at a major law firm, she inspires the s**t out of me on the regular. Below are just a select few of the thousands of things I learned from my mom throughout my 27 years as her daughter.

1. Root for the underdog.
If there is anyone who has conquered adversity at its core, it’s my mom. Whether kicking ass and taking names to become successful in her career or going the unconventional route of having a kid and then going to college. My mom defies all odds. She has no labels because she is so unique in who she is.

I’ve witnessed her massive success and heard about her tougher times on the streets in NYC. But through it all she’s continued to be fiercely independent and not let anyone stop her. I’ve learned that life will definitely throw curve balls your way, and it’s all about how you react to the curveballs that defines you as a person. My mom has taught me that standing up and taking action in spite of the curveballs build as strength and confidence which will lead you to success, no matter what.

2. Learn from mistakes.
Mistakes are an inevitable part of life. We are human and mistakes happen. My mom has taught me that it’s how we come back from our mistakes that shapes us. She’s shown me that being imperfect is beautiful. When we flop around on our journey of life, we have to always remember that in order for us to grow as people we have to learn from our mistakes. In thT way I’ve seen mistakes turn into some of my greatest lessons.

3. Be yourself.
There’s a beautiful quote I read that says something like “be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. I’ve always thought that my mom lives by that motto. She knows who she is and is unapologetic about it. No matter what, my mom is consistently herself in any situation.

4. Trust your intuition.
I have always felt I’ve had a strong intuition about people. I pick up on energies quite easily. My mom has encouraged me to listen to that little pull I feel inside. It’s like she’s always known about my gifts and nurtured them ever so gently. She’s my biggest fan and beams with pride from all of my accomplishments.

5. Accept what you cannot change.
There are certain things that are simply out of our control. Like the weather, death, and others’ emotions. We can’t change whether it’s going to rain tomorrow or if someone has feelings for us or not. My mom has always reminded me that the universe has my back. That I am constantly supported and protected. Even when things don’t seem to be going my way, I’ve learned to let go of my attachment to outcomes of how I want things to be and let the universe do her damn thing and bring me what I need for my growth.

I’ve seen my mom go through some hard times. When my dad left and she was faced with the big decision of leaving the home that had housed all of her family memories and move into an apartment. Change is hard. But my mom conquered it like a champ and showed me true strength.

6. It’s okay to be vulnerable.
I’ve seen my mom cry a lot. Tears of joy when I graduated college. Tears of sadness when my grandma passed away. But through all those tears, she’s stayed open and honest about her feelings. Being able to share with me her worries and her fears.

My mom is a pretty amazing person. She has inspired me in so many ways. She’s taught me so much more than I can even fully express. I will always be thankful for all that she has provided for me. Her encouragement and love means the world to me. Having such a close bond with her is something I cherish daily. The amount of love shared between us is insurmountable.

Mom- you’ve shown me not only what strength and courage and love mean, but you’ve given me the opportunities to shine and to fall and to learn from my mistakes. You’ve never judged me or my choices. You’ve always supported me and encouraged me while always keeping my dreamy mind grounded in reality. You’ve enurtured my creativity and I am so grateful to have you as a mom. Our bond is forever and you’ve shown me how to be an amazing mom one day. Thank you for sharing your stories about New York City with me, and for reminding me about how amazing my childhood was. You’ve given me so much, that I hope I can show you even an ounce of the appreciation and gratitude I have for you.

I love you mom! Happy birthday week!!!!

Now, I’d love to hear from all of you. Do you have a close relationship with your mom? If so, please share in the comments below. As always I love hearing from all of you. And if you like this post, please subscribe to the blog and get instant updates straight to your inbox every week!


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