This dream life: the never-ending perks of being a dreamer

Daydreaming is something that allows us to lose ourselves in a self-generated flow of consciousness. This gives us the sense that we have the ability to do anything and be whoever we want to be. In fact, escaping the real world may actually have incredible benefits to both our health and emotional well-being.

Being a dreamer is sometimes thought of as a negative characteristic. However, through daydreaming we allow our minds to relax and find a peaceful state within ourselves that gives us inner peace. This serene feeling is something that helps us emotionally and mentally. Here are just some of the immense benefits that come with being a dreamer.

1. We Learn How To Be Empathetic

Studies have shown that people who more frequently indulge in daydreaming are more likely to have higher levels of empathy. In fact, daydreaming allows us to view various scenarios from different perspectives. This ability allows us to develop strong empathy muscles. In addition, the better we are at understanding others, the more we are able to grow into the best version of ourselves.

2. We Allow Our Creativity And Problem Solving Skills To Flourish

Daydreaming encourages us to relax. As our minds soften and release tension and anxiety our creativity is allowed to blossom. That’s why artists and many creatives are often seen as dreamers, because they are. When you can allow your mind to be still, you can access some creative thought patterns that can turn into some epic artistic creations.

3. We Aren’t Afraid To Be Alone

In fact, the best time to daydream is when you are in solitude. Being alone is often seen as a weakness. But actually, it’s a strength. When you aren’t able to comfortably sit with yourself and your thoughts you are facing some scary stuff. Emotional things are likely to come up when we allow ourselves to delve into our subconscious. As such, dreaming allows us greater access into our subconscious mind. This ability to delve deep into ourselves gives us a wonderful opportunity to grow and become better versions of ourselves. Even though some deep seeded fears and worries are likely to come up, daydreaming serves as a way to tackle those fears directly. Using our imagination we can attempt to find solutions that we hadn’t thought of before due to the different perspectives we are able to see once we go deep within ourselves.

4. We Increase Our Focus

Daydreaming and mindfulness work hand in hand to benefit our well-being. Both techniques allow us to get better at filtering out any distractions that block us from reaching our desired goals. Considering that these days we are living in a society that is so connected it becomes harder to distance ourselves from distractions. With all of us constantly on our phones or computers or just mindlessly watching television, going after our dreams can become increasingly difficult. However, giving yourself the great opportunity to simply dream about what you want out of life, allows you to get clear on your goals. By getting clear on what you want to achieve you can begin to take the first steps towards your goals. The important thing to keep in mind when daydreaming is to be positive about the process. To release all your fears and worries and place yourself within a fantasy world allows you to create a positive dreaming experience that encourages growth and ambition. It’s a great and healthy escape from reality.

Being a dreamer is not something you should be ashamed of. In fact, being a dreamer is a great characteristic that can push you to go forth and make your dreams a reality. In this way, being a dreamer is a strong character trait that more people should start appreciating in themselves and others.

Go forth my dreamers and dream big!

Now, I’d love to hear from all of you. Have you been able to dream and make those dreams a reality? Please share your experiences below. As always, I love hearing from all of you! Let’s continue this conversation below.




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