This doggie life: what adopting a dog taught me about life


I adopted my little baby Betty in December of 2013. Betty has shown me time and time again that some of those proverbs about life, particularly the ones below, are more than just words.

1. Patience is a virtue. 

Betty was distant and uncertain when I first brought her home. I took it personally at first, certain she’d never truly feel at home. However, giving her the space she needed rewarded me with more affection than I could have anticipated. I get so much love from her now.

She has taught me patience in a variety of other ways, too. I have to be careful of where I touch her, and I can’t get upset at her when she whines because she’s just scared and can’t explain herself to me.

2. First impressions are not always accurate.

When we first met, she looked like a sad, unkempt furball. She sat on the couch and watched me carefully, as if she was studying the enemy,

Then, in what seemed like a matter of weeks, she went from mute little shelter dog to mischievous rascal. She loves carrots and zucchini and hemp seeds, she also spins when’s she’s excited, she’s torn through garbage bags and chewed on toilet paper in the bathroom. She’s also extremely affectionate and protective.

3. Love has healing powers.

Betty is completely happy when she has food, water and something to chew on. However, the look across her face when she’s getting a butt scratching is unparalleled.

She loves riding in the car to go to the park and after a nice long walk she’s exhausted and elated. She wags her entire body upon my arrival from work and jumps around like she’s a toddler hopped up on sugar. All I see when I look at her is love.

4. If you fail try, try again.

When I first brought Betty home, she didn’t understand any simple commands like sit, stay, and no. But with a lot of practice and patience she’s learned so much. She sits on command, she knows lie down, she knows the word no, she even knows when she gets to go outside.

The best part through everything that she has learned is her nickname. My mom and I call her schmindrick, and lately we’ve noticed her responding to that name just like she does to Betty.

5. Gratitude.

When I come home, Betty is thrilled to see me. I pet her, and she is thrilled. I feed her, and she is happy. Betty shows me immense gratitude for taking car of her. For providing her with an abundance of food and toys and blankets for her to curl up into (even though I pretty much just find her on top of a pile of my clothes on my bed). She gets excited about the small and even routine events in her life.

Bringing Betty into my life has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I know lately she has become fond of my mom and has developed a somewhat stronger bond to her, she has taught me so much already that even when she leaves me to move in with my mom I will remember all the lessons she has taught me. And definitely will get another puppy to adopt who can teach me even more about myself.

Now, I’d love to hear from all of you. Have you had pets who taught you life lessons? Can you relate to any of the lessons I have learned? I love hearing all your feedback and comments. Please share with everyone in the comments below. Please, let’s continue this conversation below.

Thanks for reading. See you all next week.

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