This dating life: single on Valentine’s Day

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not bad. I love it. There is absolutely no need to freak out if you find yourself single on this hallmark card holiday. You see, I’ve had some terrible Valentine’s Days with significant others. Like the one year I had a first date on Valentine’s Day- worst time ever! Yes you read that correctly, I went on a first date on Valentine’s Day. It was the guys idea-trust me. I would never have suggested it. Why I didn’t decline the date and ask to reschedule I still do not know? I was young, I’ll blame my naïveté. Anyways, it was a typical first date- movies and dinner. But I immediately knew it was going to be a terrible night when he informed me that the movie we would be seeing was “Taken”. How romantic, amirite?  Then we went to get Italian (my least favorite kind of cuisine). To make things worse, while driving from the movie theater to the restaurant he thought it would be a great idea to ask me to make our relationship official? WHAT?!?! I know all rationality would tell any person to say no. Two letters, N-O. Instead, I was terrified of not making it back to my dorm room, that he was just going to leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere Virginia that I said yea, sure (I’ll remind you all that I had just seen a 16-year old be taken in a foreign country). My awful date turned into a relationship which lasted for only about a month. But still, that whole experience has made me wary of Valentine’s Day. It allowed me to appreciate all the times I amsingle on Valentine’s Day and not have to worry about presents, or dates or anything that comes along with the heart- shaped everything day. Which leads me to all the fun things us single gals (and guys) can do on Valentine’s Day when we are single that make it so much better than being with a significant other.

1. Literally Netflix and chill

When you are in the beginning stages of a relationship it’s often really hard to figure out what to get your significant other on this day. But when your single, you can treat yourself to lounging on the couch catching up on OITNB. Or be like me and watch every rom-com that you hate to admit you love, like Valentine’s Day, The Notebook, and New Years Eve. Put on those sweatpants that only you and your dog ever see (because they have holes and stains on them), let’s not put any makeup on, throw our hair in a legit messy bun and eat whatever the hell we want. Watching that Real Housewives marathon, or even better a Say Yes to the Dress marathon, watching future brides spend more than my rent on a dress. No judgment because I probably will spend a fortune on my wedding, but on Valentine’s Day I want to just be cynical and question how many of the marriages will end in divorce.

2. Baking (for one)

Obviously you need some good lounging food to munch on while binge watching your favorite shows, so why not bake a cake, cookies, muffins, whatever your little heart desires. For a festive twist use heart-shaped cookie cutters if you want cookies. Whatever you want to bake, do it. Even if you make a whole cake, don’t feel guilty about eating the entire thing. Embrace singledom on this day and dig in. If your like me and prefer some old-fashioned ice cream, go at it. Brownies also pair well with Netflix and chill.

3. Surround yourself with people who you love

Have a pet? Have a cuddle sesh with them. I love my dog, Betty. I can pet her, and she’ll give me those puppy dog eyes and my heart melts. I instantly feel unconditional love. Call your parents. I love talking to my mom on a daily basis as it is. Since now we are both single, it makes sharing this day with her that much more special. We are both there for one another. Get together with your other single friends. This may be hard when you don’t have many single friends, like me. But if you even have one, try and get together and Netflix and chill together. Have an old-fashioned sleepover. Having people who you love and who love you around on his day will most definitely make you feel loved, which is the best way to deal with any negative feelings that may come up on this day.

Its important to always remember that we need to love ourselves first and foremost. So if you’ve been struggling with self-love then take this day to look inward and see where you can bring more love into your life on your own. Because once you do, you allow the universe to bring you even more love. You also become happier and more content with being single.

I really hope this helped some of you struggling with being single on Valentine’s Day. Some people definitely handle it differently. Now, if you liked any of my tips on conquering Valentine’s Day as a single person, please share below. If you tried any of these tips please share in the comments below. Do you have any other tips that you may use to get through Valentine’s Day without crying all day or reaching out to your ex? Then please share in the comments below. If you know someone who could benefit from this post please share it with all your friends and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to get notifications straight to your inbox when new content is up!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you sweet readers. I share my love with all of you today!


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