This Dating Life: 5 Life Lessons Learned From Dating A Jerk

We all have to date a top-tier jerk in order for us to build self-esteem and self-confidence for our future relationships. In fact, all it takes is being in a relationship with the wrong guy that will allow you to realize all that you deserve and how amazing you are. Here are just a few epic life lessons you end up learning once your relationship with an asshole finally ends!

Always Trust Your Gut

No matter what happened throughout your relationship, believing in your instincts and intuition is illuminated after dating a jerk. For instance, you may have gone into the relationship having a general feeling that something was off, but due to some possible low self-esteem, you dismissed that critical feeling. As a result, you spent a significant amount of time investing in a relationship that was completely and totally wrong for you. Instead, it’s important to make sure that you listen to your instincts when you go on dates. Your intuition will never steer your wrong, remember that!

Expecting Unconditional Love Is Possible

When we lack self-confidence we may end up in relationships that are not about actual love, but instead, revolve around the idea of love. In fact, being able to be confident enough to patiently wait for your soulmate to arrive is enough to lead a lot of people to end up in relationships that are utterly and completely wrong for them. Although we must always remember that there is no “perfect” person, there are people who will love us exactly as we are. As a result, it is important to have your partner be someone who accepts your flaws and vice versa. Therefore, just remember that you deserve to be loved unconditionally by your partner, otherwise you need to get out of that relationship immediately.

Fireworks Are Great But Totally Unnecessary

When we are insecure and lacking self-confidence we may expect every single date to be legendary. However, jerks don’t provide fireworks. In fact, most jerks rarely put much effort into dating. The good news is, lowering our expectations of how dates are supposed to go provides us with a more enjoyable dating experience overall. As a result, we end up allowing our true selves to shine through when we go on a date with someone new and they get to truly see us for who we are. That’s how healthy relationships start. With two confident people who want to share their love with someone else.

Look For Any Red Flags From The Beginning

Having opinions is something every single confident person has. In fact, being unwavering in your beliefs is sexy and attractive. As a result, it is important that we maintain our core beliefs no matter what. Therefore, it is important that we stick to our beliefs even if our partner disagrees. However, entering into a relationship with someone who is unable to compromise can be determinantal. Oftentimes, jerks are the kings and queens of stubbornness in relationships. However, having the ability to stay confident in your core beliefs will allow you to see the other person for who they really are. As a result, when you notice these red flags, it’s best to end the relationship knowing it isn’t right for you and move on to finding someone who will at the very least compromise with you on what you believe in.

Players Will Continue To Play

From a young age, it seemed like there was something incredibly attractive about a bad boy. The alluring mystic. The desire to be the one person that changes them and makes them good. It’s all alluring in theory. However, the reality is that most bad boys will never change. As a result, you simply end up in a horrible relationship that leaves you depleted emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Therefore, remove the allure of the bad boy from your mind. Instead, focus on what you actually deserve. Everyone deserves a great person who loves them for who they really are, flaws, quirks, and all. The right partner for you will not be a bad boy that you have to change to fit the mold of what you need. Your perfect partner will actually be that great person you need. And that’s precisely where self-love comes into play. Being self-confident allows you to see these jerks for who they really are and not fall for the bad boy trope.

The key to a healthy relationship is self-confidence.

Now, I’d love to hear from all of you! Ever struggle with self-confidence? Have a relationship end that allowed you to rebuild yourself into a better version of yourself? Please, share in the comments below. As always, I love hearing all your comments and feedback! Let us all continue the conversation below!



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