This city life: 6 benefits of living in a big city

Considering moving to a big city? Me too. While the suburbs offer a quiet, scenic backdrop, they simply lack many of the advantages that come with big city living. Culture, food, museums, nightlife, there is something available for every type of person in a big city. As you all may know, I have had a love affair with NYC since I was a child. I’ve always dreamed that I would one day be able to call myself a New Yorker. And right now, I am at a point in my life where I can make that a reality. As such, here is a list of reasons why big city living is so appealing.

1. Public transportation.

Driving everywhere has become an extreme burden and added stressor to our already busy lives. In any city, even the suburbs, weekday rush hour traffic is horrendous. Due to the lack of sufficient parking and high rates for available parking in big cities, they have an impeccable public transportation system to fill the void. This makes owning a car simply unnecessary, saving you a ton of cash. Whether traveling by taxi, subway, or bus, you can easily reach your destination in a huge city for a very reasonable price, without the hassle of cursing out the driver who cut you off.

Oftentimes city dwellers will combine transportation with exercise, preferring to walk or ride a bike around town. Free exercise? Sign me up! Whether you’re looking for a quick, stress-free way to navigate around a big city or want to save some money, big city transportation is an obvious choice.

2. Entertainment options galore.

From Tuesday trivia nights to a Thursday night showing of your favorite musical, cities provide a wide array of entertainment options any night of the week. Visit a museum to take in a well-known art collection. Experience a live concert at the local music hall. Catch the big game at the local stadium.

No matter what your interests, big cities will always provide myriad entertainment options for its dwellers. While some are more costly than others, the advantages of living in a big city like New York are endless.

3. Channel your inner foodie every single day.

Just like the endless entertainement options, big cities cater to all different types of people when it comes to cuisine. Are you a picky eater? Have food allergies? Like fancy food? Want to travel the world through food? Big cities will be able to accommodate all your preferences when it comes to food. Cities like New York are cultural melting pots. Tourists from all over the world. Residents from all over the world. Everyone makes their way to New York to take in all the beauty and culture that it exudes.

As a vegan with a gluten allergy, finding restaurants that serve a variety of options, instead of just a bland salad, is such a hard thing in the suburbs. But a big city like New York has endless options, even for a picky, gluten-free vegan like myself. So if you want fancy Indian food, you will absolutely find it.

4. It’s a shopaholics dream.

As a reformed shopaholic, I have first-hand experience of doing some massive damage on my credit card in NYC. Just walking around during the holidays can be dangerous to any shopper, because NYC is famous for having the big department stores deck out their windows with the most beautiful displays. One time I went to New York around the holidays just to look at the displays. They are really that magnificent.

Not only can you shop to your hearts desire at the big department stores, but you can find trendy boutiques all around a big city. From bridal shops to doggie clothing boutiques, there are so many specific stores in big cities all within blocks of one another.

5. The medical care is on point.

Big cities typically have a university or two or three or four, that are highly regarded. With these universities comes hospitals and medical facilities. Competition in big cities drives medical centers to hire only the most knowledgeable staff. This ensures that you are getting the finest quality care.

People who live in the suburbs have to travel far and wide if they need special medical care. While big cities will provide all the various medical specialists one could ever possibly need.

6. It’s a sports fans dream.

If you don’t like sports, moving to a big city will inevitable make you become a sports fan. Basketball, hockey, football, baseball, big cities attract a variety of sports teams. This leads to always having a game to watch. Going to a bar is much more enjoyable when you can cheer on your favorite team with a bunch of strangers cheering on with you.

Stadiums fill with sports fans on a regular basis. This excitement makes big city living extremely enjoyable and fun.

So even if you’ve never experienced a big city like New York, you can find plenty of reasons to fall in love with the advantages of big city living. From immersing yourself in a variety of cultures, to becoming a foodie, a big city offers myriad of opportunities you simply will never be able to experience in a small town. So if you, like me, are considering taking a huge risk and moving to a new city, consider a big city to call home.

Now I’d love to hear from all of you. Have any of you ever moved from a small town to a big city like New York? If so, I think we’d all love to hear your experience, so please share below. As always, I love reading your comments and feedback.



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