This basic life: 3 ways you might be basic

Being “basic” has gained a lot of attention these days. Simply, the term “basic” describes people “who like popular, mainstream products or music”. This term is used pejoratively as an insult. However, the more I read and see the term being used, the more I question whether it really is a bad thing to be basic, and whether or not we all may have a little basic in us. I understand that according to the internet basic means “a white girl who likes cliche things that every other white girl likes”. I get it, the term is meant to describe girls who are boring, uninteresting, and devoid of a unique personality. Arguably, liking something popular shouldn’t make you lame or boring. Discounting someone for having these same interests does.

So I decided to delve deep into pop culture and the idea of being “basic”, and looking at my own habits and likes, I’ve found many ways I am basic, and you might be too. Read on to find out if you share these 3 preferences.

1. Ugg boots

I have owned at least one pair of Ugg boots for over a decade now. I wear them because they keep me hella warm. My toes are one of the first things on my body to get cold (ok so maybe I’m like constantly cold A LOT of the time) but whatever. Ugg boots are one of the only comfy, warm shoes I have owned. When I first got them, I fell in love with the fact that I could wear them without socks. This was epic for me. As someone who constantly lost her socks on the regular, I was so happy that my parents could stop wasting money on buying socks like every week, because their weird daughter would be constantly losing her socks. Then Uggs came out with different styles and various colors, but even that couldn’t stop all the girls from flocking to the stores to buy more and more. From slippers to boots, I find nothing more comfortable than walking around in Ugg boots (sock free of course).

2. Flannel

I must admit, I had no idea that flannel was a “basic” thing. I actually thought it was a hipster thing. But apparently staying warm is a bad thing according to pop culture. I wear flannel to stay warm, I like plaid, what is so terrible for wanting to stay warm? When I think of flannel I think of the lumber -sexual who is gaining popularity in recent years. As fall and winter comes, you will definitely find me ordering flannel.

3. North Face Fleece

So this one really doesn’t apply to me this fall/winter because I FINALLY bought myself a variety of jackets and coats, relegating my black north face to the back of the closet. BUT I was the girl in college and high school that wore leggings, Ugg boots and a north face. Again, I wore this for warmth. I used to HATE coats and jackets. At this point in my life I really don’t know why but I do remember disliking how bulky big coats made me feel. I wanted a slim coat look and was constantly dissatisfied with what was out there. This caused a lot of arguments with my mom, but now I’m happy to say I got over it. It doesn’t take away the many, many years that I donned my north face, I had a pink one and a black one. Towards the end I gave my pink one to my aunt and held for dear life to the black one. It’s been through so much with me, high school, college, law school, successes, failures, it’s always been by my side. Keeping me warm trekking a massive campus in college and keeping me warm during walks of shame. It was there when I was terrified to drive in snow, but survived! It now has a hole in one of the pockets and it definitely has faded and looks worn out. Sadly, I haven’t had the courage to donate it yet. Maybe writing this post,will motivate me to grow and donate that coat, cherish the memories but let go of the actual item that really just takes up space in my TINY closet.

After delving deep into what it means to be “basic” and more negatively a “basic bitch”, I’m here to let you know it’s okay. If being warm is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. I will continue to wear my flannel and Ugg slippers while sipping some hot tea and watching reruns of Friends. You call me basic, I simply call it what I like, oh and don’t forget, I will be listening to T.Swift, because she gets me, she really does.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Share any of my same characteristics of being basic? There are a variety of others that I don’t particularly enjoy and that’s okay too. I’d love to hear all your thoughts on this topic. I tried to make this more of a light- hearted post, but I can easily write something regarding feminism and this topic if that would interest you guys. Please let me know. Let’s continue this conversation. What other “basic” preferences do you have? Let’s embrace being basic, or let’s just call it, liking what we like. Why our culture tries to label everything is a mystery to me (another post I suppose).

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Hope you all had a beautifully wonderful thanksgiving!


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