About Me

I am Zoya and I am a writer

I hail from the mean streets of Baltimore, Maryland. Home of the Ravens, the Orioles, and Old Bay. I ran deep with the likes of Ray Lewis, Mario, and Edgar Allen Poe.

In my spare time, I enjoy binge-watching great shows, channeling my inner actress.

I think that is why I became a writer. Every headline and every line of copy should be great enough to stand alone just like the dialogue in a script. Every brand acts as a different character in a show- allowing for an opportunity to finely tune one’s skills and create a work of art.

And I am a wizard behind those very words.

Other important things to note

  • I love animals, especially puppies, even though I was bitten by one on my 25th birthday.
  • The answer of preference between NSYNC and Backstreet Boys is a crucial judgment of character.
  • I was an extra in the movie “Step Up 2: The Streets.” I walk by very quickly during a scene when Moose and Andie are eating lunch. Check it out twenty minutes into the film.(you most likely will have to pause to see me).
  • I am a vegan and love re-creating old family recipes into animal-friendly alternatives.
  • I have a rescue dog named Betty. She is a lhatese (a lhasa apso and maltese mix). She’s not friendly but is my little love muffin, forever and ever.
  • I have an obsession with iced green teas from Starbucks, so much so that the baristas all know me by name. We make small-talk on the regular.
  • I am an introverted nerd with a passion for books and words.
  • People consider me an old soul.

There is more. But this is all I have time for now.
I have to go listen to some CD’s.